Effect of postharvest transport and storage on color and firmness quality of tomato

Mai Al-Dairi, Pankaj B. Pathare*, Rashid Al-Yahyai

*Corresponding author for this work

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Transport duration affects the vibration level generated which has adverse effects on fresh produce during transportation. Furthermore, temperature affects the quality of fresh commodities during storage. This study evaluated physical changes in tomatoes during transportation and storage. Tomatoes were transported at three distances (100, 154, and 205 km) from a local farm and delivered to the Postharvest Laboratory where vibration acceleration was recorded per distance. Tomato was stored at two different temperatures (10 °C and 22 °C) for 12 days. The physical qualities like weight loss and firmness of all tomato samples were evaluated. RGB image acquisition system was used to assess the color change of tomato. The results of vibration showed that over 40% of accelerations occurred in the range of 0.82–1.31 cm/s2 of all transport distances. Physical quality analyses like weight loss and firmness were highly affected by transportation distance, storage temperature, and storage period. The reduction in weight loss and firmness was the highest in tomatoes transported from the farthest distance and stored at 22 °C. Lightness, yellowness, and hue values showed a high reduction as transport distance increased particularly in tomatoes stored at 22 °C. Redness, total color difference, and color indices increased significantly on tomatoes transported from 205 km and stored at 10 °C and 22 °C. The study indicated that the increase in transportation distance and storage temperature cause higher changes in the physical qualities of tomatoes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number163
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2021


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  • Tomato
  • Transportation
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