SOD2, a Potential Transcriptional Target Underpinning CD44-Promoted Breast Cancer Progression

Nouralhuda Alateyah, Ishita Gupta, Radoslaw Stefan Rusyniak, Allal Ouhtit*

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CD44, a cell-adhesion molecule has a dual role in tumor growth and progression; it acts as a tumor suppressor as well as a tumor promoter. In our previous work, we developed a tetracycline-off regulated expression of CD44’s gene in the breast cancer (BC) cell line MCF-7 (B5 clone). Using cDNA oligo gene expression microarray, we identified SOD2 (superoxide dismutase 2) as a potential CD44-downstream transcriptional target involved in BC metastasis. SOD2 gene belongs to the family of iron/manganese superoxide dismutase family and encodes a mitochondrial protein. SOD2 plays a role in cell proliferation and cell invasion via activation of different signaling pathways regulating angiogenic abilities of breast tumor cells. This review will focus on the findings supporting the underlying mechanisms associated with the oncogenic potential of SOD2 in the onset and progression of cancer, especially in BC and the potential clinical relevance of its various inhibitors.

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