Science teachers’ perceptions of pedagogical learning theories in relation to their classroom practices

Mohamed A. Shahat*, Abdullah K. Ambusaidi, Khalsa H. AlBahri

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Following up previous studies on the theory-practice gap in science teaching, this study examined teachers’ perceptions of pedagogical learning theories and their classroom applications. Using a science teachers pedagogical learning theory survey (STPLTS) consisting of one subscale on theories and another on these theories’ relationships to classroom practices–the study was conducted with a nationally representative sample of science teachers (n=350) randomly selected from grade 5 to 10 classrooms in Oman. Results indicated that the teachers had moderate to high perceptions on both subscales of the STPLTS with female teachers’ perceptions being significantly more positive compared to male teachers. Perceptions were also more positive for teachers with less teaching experience (1-9 years) compared to those with more experience (≥10 years). Furthermore, teachers with diplomas had more positive perceptions for the second subscale compared to teachers with bachelor’s degrees. This study may contribute to the literature on the classroom practices of science teachers in Arab-speaking countries.

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