Mechanisms for establishing a research culture at language institutions

R. Al-Mahrooqi*, V. Tuzlukova

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The Language Centre at Sultan Qaboos University is the academic unit that is responsible for teaching English. However, teaching English is only one of the three functions that it has. The other two functions are carrying out different types of language assessments and conducting research in the field of language instruction and acquisition. Underpinning the third function, which is conducting research, is the rationale that it is through research that educational institutions can come to an understanding of the various phenomena or situations that could emerge in language teaching contexts, and the factors that shape them. Based on this understanding, it is believed that it "will have a beneficial effect on language teaching and learning" (Borg, 2009, p. 1). The purpose of this paper is to report on the main findings and implications of a study that aimed at exploring the perceptions of the Language Centre teachers on research, its advantages and constraints, as well as their ideas regarding the ways in which ELT research and research culture can be promoted at their institution.

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