Investigation of effective parameters of drop-on-demand droplet generator

M. S. Sarebandi, M. Ghodsi*, Y. Hojjat, H. Sadeghian, H. Ziaiefar, M. Mohammadzaheri, A. Al-Yahmedi

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This article presents a design and development of a drop-on-demand (DOD) droplets generator. This generator uses molten metal as a liquid and can be used in fabrication, prototyping and any kind of printing with solder droplets. This setup consists of a vibrator solenoid with tunable frequency to produce a semi-spherical shape of molten metal, close to the surface of fabrication. This design also has a nozzle with micro-size orifice, a rod for transmitting force and a heater to melt the metal and keep it in superheat temperature. This DOD can produce droplets in different sizes (less than 550 μm) by controlling the vibration frequency of solenoid. This ability together with the accuracy of the droplets in positioning (the error is less than ±20 μm for 1.5 mm amplitude) can be used in different applications. Moreover, in this paper, the impact of initial position of the head and temperature on the average diameter of droplets and the impact of the frequency on the shape of the droplets have been tested and discussed.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2017

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