Family Business in Bahrain

Ramo Palalić*, Mohamed Rezaur Razzak, Said Al Riyami, Léo Paul Dana, Veland Ramadani

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The chapter aims to provide an overview of the family business in Bahrain’s business environment. The first part of the chapter introduces readers to Bahrain by giving general information about the country. The following sections are about the economic outlook where the internal and external performance of the country are emphasized. This general economic outlook is followed by the business ecosystem established in Bahrain. After providing valuable facts about the business ecosystem in the country, the chapter next portrays the family business arena in the Kingdom, their abilities, possibilities, participation, and contribution to the socio-economic development in the country. The final section of this chapter is provided by concluding remarks on the overall economic outlook, business ecosystem, and family business findings in the Kingdom, emphasizing the current status of family businesses and their future perspectives.

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