Bilateral Gonadoblastoma Overgrown by Dysgerminoma of the Right Gonad in a Patient with Swyer Syndrome

Mohammad Arafa, Marwa Al Ryiami, Maryam Al Shukri, Ikram Burney, Yasser Mahfouz, Nashwa Al-Kindi

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Patients with Swyer syndrome, "XY gonadal dysgenesis", have fibrosed gonads with a significant risk of developing germ cell tumours. During radiological assessment, a 17-year-old female with Swyer syndrome showed mildly enlarged gonads that were removed laparoscopically and proved pathologically to be bilateral gonadoblastomas. In addition, the right sided lesion showed overgrowth by dysgerminoma. The patient was further treated with combination chemotherapy and she was in complete remission for three years.

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