- Youssef Sherief, (2019): The tide and its role in influencing coast line changes, Ras Al-Sawadi and Al-Seefa, Oman, A study in applied Geomorphology, the 42nd Annual Applied Geography Conferenceز, University of North Carolina at Charlotte from 23 to 25 Oct. AGC 2019.

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Ras Al-Sawadi and Al Seefa are a coastal areas along the coast line in Sultanate of Oman, Ras Al-Sawadi area is characterized by wide sandy beaches formed over thousand years due to the deposits of valleys flowing into Oman Sea and Al-Seefa has a narrow sandy beach formed by short wadies. Both areas are considered a tourist area, but its coast is currently being relegated to erosion. Remote sensing and fieldwork investigations indicate a change in the coastline in both regions over the past 20 years. Geomorphological studies trace the causes of this change to several factors, such as coastline shape, marine currents, waves, and engineering installations This study aims to identify the role of tides as a main cause of shoreline changes in the study area over the past 15 years using IKONOS, QuickBird, DEM and marine data such as minimum and maximum tides. Preliminary results showed that the most changes of coastline in each of the study areas, sometimes progresses and decreases according to the tides when the moon has had a high percentage of illumination where gravity increases between the moon and Earth. The human activities and geomorphological factors come as the next stage of tidal effects. However, the study recommends that tides and lunar time be considered a major factor in coastal changes, especially when monitoring these changes using remote sensing
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Title of host publication2019
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1 2019

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