The potential of inter-state collaboration for Omani academic libraries

Nabhan Al-Harrasi, Ali Al-Aufi

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the attitudes and views of library directors and key librarians on issues related to library collaboration and its impact on the welfare of advanced and cost-effective systems of library and information services. A qualitative approach was utilized through the use of semi-structured, face-to-face interviews for collecting needed data from library directors and key librarians in four major universities located in diverse regions in Oman. Collected data were transcribed and relevant themes and patterns were identified following an interpretive thematic approach. Results show that participants indicated an overall positive attitude toward library collaboration in an academic setting. They believed in the desired individual and institutional benefits that they would gain if their libraries or parent organizations developed and enhanced a collaborative system. The three most important advantages of collaboration were emphasized. They are: to enlarge and improve the library services, including increasing users' access to inter-library information resources; to reduce costs by sharing manpower and resources; and to share experience through communication and enhance skills and knowledge of staff through collaborative training. The paper provides an overview and insights into demanding issues related to academic library collaboration in Oman. The result of this study helps propose a frame-work or strategy for the purpose of initiating and developing a new system of academic library collaboration in Oman. Library collaboration, overall, has hardly been studied in Oman, or at least in the context of academic librarianship. This paper highlights the importance of library collaboration and its impact on the changing environment of academic libraries.

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JournalLibrary Review
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 13 2012


  • Academic libraries
  • Library and information networks
  • Library collaboration
  • Library cooperation
  • Library coordination
  • Oman
  • Sultan Qaboos University
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