The effects of feeding date palm byproducts on meat quality characteristics of sheep

I. T. Kadim*, O. Mahgoub

*Corresponding author for this work

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Meat quality from 32 Omani sheep was evaluated to determine the effects of feeding four experimental diets made from a combination of two roughages and two concentrates. The roughages were urea treated palm frond silage (UTPF) and Rhodes grass hay (RGH), while the concentrates were a commercial concentrate (CC) and a local concentrate (LC). The local concentrate contained 25% ground date-palm fronds, 25% wheat bran, 20% ground prosopis pods, 15% barley and 12% dried sardines plus premix of vitamin and mineral. Four groups of animals were used with eight replicates per group: Group one: 400 gram CC plus ad libitum RGH, Group two: 400 gram LC plus ad libitum UTPE, group three: 400 grams CC plus ad libitum UTPF and Group four: 400 grams BP plus ad libitum UTPF. At the end of the feeding period (120 days), all animals were slaughtered. After 24h at 1-3°C, the M. longissimus dorsi between the 10-13 rib was removed from the left side of each carcass for meat quality evaluation. Meat quality-related measurements included ultimate muscle pH, WB-shear force value, sarcomere length, expressed juice and color (CIE L*, a*, b*) were determined. Meat ultimate pH values were not significantly different between the four diets groups ranging between 5.77 to 5.90. Lightness (L*), redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) values of longissimus dorsi muscles were comparable between the four groups. Water holding capacity measured as expressed juice was similar between the four diet groups. Sarcomere length and shear force values were also comparable between the four diet groups. This study indicated that replacing the commercial concentrate and Rhodes grass hay with a more fibrous feed made from local by-products did not produce significant affects on meat quality characteristics.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 3 2010

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  • Concentrate
  • Date palm fronds
  • Longissimus dorsi
  • Prosopis pods
  • Sarcomere length

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