The effect of online collaborative project-based learning on English as a Foreign Language learners' language performance and attitudes

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The present study investigated the effect of online collaborative project-based learning on the language
performance and attitudes of intermediate level students at the College of Applied Sciences in Oman. The
study is a quasi-experimental study and the sample consisted of four classes (93 students in total) in
Nizwa College of Applied Sciences. These participants were in their foundation year and were taking the
Academic English Course during the time of the research experiment. Two classes were assigned to the
experimental group (46 students) and they were directed to collaborate online in doing their research
projects. The other two classes were assigned to the control group (47 students) and did their projects
individually. A language test containing reading and writing questions, an attitude questionnaire,
students' projectscores and transcripts of focused group discussions were used to collect the data needed
to answer the research questions. The study revealed that the main positive effect of online collaborative
project-based learning was clear on students' writing skill in the post test (i.e. students in the
experimental group outperformed students in the control group).
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JournalLearning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives
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