Integrating Big Data in “e-Oman”: opportunities and challenges

Stuti Saxena*, Sujeet Kumar Sharma

*Corresponding author for this work

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Purpose: This paper aims to integrate Big Data in e-government in Oman, also known as “e-Oman”, wherein Big Data might be better harnessed to tackle real-time challenges. Design/methodology/approach: Besides a description of the concepts of e-government and Big Data in general, the paper underscores the dimensions of “e-Oman”. Following a qualitative approach, the paper asserts how integration of Big Data in “e-Oman” may be useful by invoking examples from four short case studies across different sectors. Findings: The paper supports the integration of “e-Oman” and Big Data wherein besides providing smooth public services, the government is encouraged to forge inter- and intra-ministerial collaboration and public-private partnership. The paper probes through the challenges and opportunities in effecting this integration. Practical implications: The paper provides a platform for the policymakers to conceive of a synchronized programme for integrating “e-Oman” and the Big Data generated by it. This integration would go a long way in building upon the economy of Oman, besides providing better public services to the individuals and businesses on a real-time basis. Social implications: The paper does throw light on the issues of privacy and confidentiality of data available with the government. There are challenges of cybercrime as well. Therefore, the paper posits that a robust fool-proof infrastructure should be instituted by the government for effecting integration of e-government and Big Data. Originality/value: This paper seeks to fill the gap in extant literature which remains scant on the integration of e-government with Big Data. This is especially true in the case of Oman where not a single study has been presented to probe this issue. Given that “e-Oman” is expanding its scope over the years, this paper foresees the concomitant opportunities and challenges in the integration of Big Data in “e-Oman”.

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Publication statusPublished - Aug 8 2016
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