Integrated distributed GIS approach for earthquake disaster modeling and visualization

Rifaat Abdalla, Vincent Tao

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In November 2002 a simulated earthquake damage assessment scenario for the Greater Vancouver Region was visualized using GeoServNet. GeoServNet is web-based GIS software developed by York University GeoICT Lab with unique functionality of online 3D visualization and 3D fly. We tested our software in an earthquake simulation exercise that included a simulated Shakemap. Shakemaps are representations of ground motions recorded and extrapolated from knowledge of surface soil conditions. The Geological Survey of Canada is considering applying this technique to Canadian cities at risk. GeoServNet has been used for the demonstration of the utility of Shakemaps and how it could be used in an emergency response scenario. The constructed visual scenarios and information databases is crucial for the purpose of Disaster Management and Emergency Response. Most of currently available tools that are used for disaster management are focusing on the temporal component of the four phases of disaster management leaving an obvious gap in dealing with the spatial element particularly in visualizing disaster and emergency information. This study was conducted as a part of a federal project funded by the former Canadian Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness (OCIPEP), recently known as the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (PSEPC). In this study, federal, regional and local authorities along with industry and academic research institutions together coordinated information exchange in a collaborative manner. Results obtained from this project showed that visualization of earthquake disaster scenario was effective and near real time using GeoServNet.

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Publication statusPublished - 2005

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