Impacts of Ergonomics on Sudanese higher education Institutions ICT class rooms

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Ergonomic in computer field is the science concerned with conniving safe and comfortable situations for the users of information and communication technology equipment’s. In the computer field, ergonomics plays very important role in the design and allocating of all computer equipment’s, for that reason in Sudanese higher education Institutions (HEI) ICT class rooms will be affected directly with how the equipment’s will be arranged and the environments itself. Due to the current situation of ICT class rooms, Sudanese higher education Institutions were facing problems in the learning activities as most of these class rooms were not equipped and arranged properly using ergonomic steps and processes due to the lack of perception of the importance of the ergonomics. Research paper will focus on the role of Ergonomics on Sudanese higher education Institutions ICT class. The researcher collected data from Different universities in Sudanese HEI. The research questionnaires will be analyzed using SPSS. Descriptive Statistics and the distribution of respondents and percentage of responses to the questions in the questionnaire analysis will be presented to find the results. The Results of the paper will be presented based on the basic ergonomics roles and including the main issues of the ergonomics, which will help these institutions to improve the ICT class rooms and teaching accessibility, Support students /teacher to adopt better pedagogical and provide over all cognizance of the general knowledge.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe International Conference on Education in Mathematics, Science
Place of PublicationKonya, Turkey
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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