Halal logistics certification: A Middle East perspective

Nor Aida Abdul Rahman, Zainab Al Balushi

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Halal operation is a value-added transformation process (i.e., production, transportation and storage) of Halal resources from point of origin to point of consumption. Halal certification is important in the Halal market worldwide as it confirms that the cleanliness, safety and quality of products to be used or consumed by Muslims. Having a specific logo to certify any Halal product is essential as it assures the consumer that the products are thoroughly checked and permissible in accordance with Islamic principles. In this chapter, the authors discuss the importance of Halal certification bodies in Middle East. A discussion on Halal certification in Malaysia as a case of reference is also provided. This chapter also provides some key areas on which future researchers can focus.

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Title of host publicationHalal Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Recent Trends and Issues
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NameHalal Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Recent Trends and Issues

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