Fast timing measurement for CMS RPC Phase-II upgrade

A. Fagot, M. Gul, C. Roskas, M. Tytgat, N. Zaganidis, S. Fonseca De Souza, A. Santoro, F. Torres Da Silva De Araujo, A. Aleksandrov, R. Hadjiiska, P. Iaydjiev, M. Rodozov, M. Shopova, G. Sultanov, A. Dimitrov, L. Litov, B. Pavlov, P. Petkov, A. Petrov, S. J. QianD. Han, W. Yi, C. Avila, A. Cabrera, C. Carrillo, M. Segura, S. Aly, Y. Assran, A. Mahrous, A. Mohamed, C. Combaret*, M. Gouzevitch, G. Grenier, F. Lagarde, I. B. Laktineh, H. Mathez, L. Mirabito, K. Shchablo, I. Bagaturia, D. Lomidze, I. Lomidze, L. M. Pant, V. Bhatnagar, R. Gupta, R. Kumari, M. Lohan, J. B. Singh, V. Amoozegar, B. Boghrati, H. Ghasemy, S. Malmir, M. Mohammadi Najafabadi, M. Abbrescia, A. Gelmi, G. Iaselli, S. Lezki, G. Pugliese, L. Benussi, S. Bianco, D. Piccolo, F. Primavera, S. Buontempo, A. Crescenzo, G. Galati, F. Fienga, I. Orso, L. Lista, S. Meola, P. Paolucci, E. Voevodina, A. Braghieri, P. Montagna, M. Ressegotti, C. Riccardi, P. Salvini, P. Vitulo, S. W. Cho, S. Y. Choi, B. Hong, K. S. Lee, J. H. Lim, S. K. Park, J. Goh, T. J. Kim, S. Carrillo Moreno, O. Miguel Colin, F. Vazquez Valencia, S. Carpinteyro Bernardino, J. Eysermans, I. Pedraza, C. Uribe Estrada, R. Reyes-Almanza, M. C. Duran-Osuna, M. Ramirez-Garcia, G. Ramirez-Sanchez, A. Sanchez-Hernandez, R. I. Rabadan-Trejo, H. Castilla-Valdez, A. Radi, H. Hoorani, S. Muhammad, M. A. Shah, I. Crotty

*Corresponding author for this work

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With the increase of the LHC luminosity foreseen in the coming years, many detectors currently used in the different LHC experiments will be dramatically impacted and some need to be replaced or upgraded. The new ones should be capable to provide time information to reduce the data ambiguity due to the expected high pileup. We propose to equip CMS high |η| muon chambers with pairs of single gap RPC detectors read out by long pickup strips PCB. The precise time measurement (0<15 ps) of the signal induced by particles crossing the detector on both ends of each strip will give an accurate measurement of the position of the incoming particle along the strip. The absolute time measurement, determined by RPC signal (around 1.5 ns) will also reduce the data ambiguity due to the highly expected pileup and help to identify Heavy Stable Charged Particles (HSCP). The development of a specific electronic chain (analog front-end ASIC, time-to-digital converter stage and printed circuit board design) and the corresponding first results on prototype chambers are presented.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberC09001
JournalJournal of Instrumentation
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 27 2018


  • Data acquisition circuits
  • Front-end electronics for detector readout
  • Resistive-plate chambers

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  • Instrumentation
  • Mathematical Physics

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