Factors influencing Macao nurses' intention to leave current employment

Moon Fai Chan, Andrew Leung Luk, Sok Man Leong, Siu Ming Yeung, Iat Kio Van

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Aims. To investigate factors associated with nurses' intention to leave current employment in Macao. Background. The shortage of nursing staff and nurses voluntarily leaving their jobs has continued to be a problem affecting the delivery of health care all over the world. One way to alleviate this shortfall is via recruitment, but this is not always successful. Another way is to reduce the rate at which nurses voluntarily leave their work places. Design. A descriptive survey was conducted and data were collected using a self-reported structured questionnaire. Nurses were recruited in the Health Bureau and one private hospital in Macao. The status of nurses' intention to leave current employment (yes vs. no) was the dependent variable and nurses' predisposing characteristics, organisational environments and five components on job satisfaction outcomes were independent variables. Results. Of 426 nurses, 166 (39·0%) indicated an intention to leave current employment. The results showed that age (p < 0·001), work experience (p < 0·001), workplace (p = 0·015) and job satisfaction: pay and benefits (p < 0·001) were significant risk factors to predict nurses' intention to leave current employment. Conclusions. More than one-third of the nurses in Macao indicated an intention to leave current employment. This figure may be a cause of concern for the hospital management and highlights the need to implement strategies to improve the communication between nurses and the organisation, to enhance nurse job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation. Relevance to clinical practice. Our findings outline some issues contributing to this problem and provide the nurse manager with information regarding specific influences on nurses' turnover in Macao. Given the complexity of issues outlined in this analysis, nurse managers should assist their nursing staff to deal with those influences, make efforts to address the nursing shortage that will require additional communications and recognise the needs and values of their staff and empower them to create a better work environment. As a consequence, their commitment to the organisation can be fostered.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)893-901
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Clinical Nursing
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2009
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