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This study investigated the ESP teachers' in-service training needs at the Omani Armed Forces. This is a
quantitative study. There are 4 independent variables which are teachers' nature of duty (uniformed
teachers vs civilian teachers), Qualication (BA, MA, CELTA and others), position (teachers vs supervisors) and years of
experience. The dependent variables in the study are the teachers and supervisors responses.
The sample consisted of 101 teachers and 28 supervisors from the Military Educational Institutes in the Armed Forces. Both
teachers and supervisors answered a ve Likert scale questionnaire and 7 teachers participated in an interview. The study
aimed at answering the following questions: What are the in-service training needs of Omani ESP teachers from the
perspective of teachers and supervisors? Are there any signicant differences among teachers in the types of ESP in-service
training needs due to: the nature of duty (uniformed vs civilian), qualications, position (teachers vs supervisors) and years of
experience? Major ndings reveal ESP vocabulary, content-specic knowledge, developing oral skills teaching
methods/techniques, testing and evaluation and need analysis are areas placed at the critical need level, the area in which
ESP teachers needs more development. With reference to the variable nature of duty(uniformed vs civilian), it was found that
there was a signicance difference between means of uniformed teachers and civilian teachers in favor of civilian teachers with
a mean greater than uniformed. There are no signicant differences in terms of the training required for MA, BA, CELTA or other
qualication holders.Regardless of their positions supervisors and teachers assumed very similar level of training
needs.With regard to years of experience it was found that there was no signicant difference.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberISSN No. 2277 - 8160
Journal Global Journal for Research Analysis
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • English for Specic Purposes (ESP), In–service education and training, Needs, Oman, Armed Forces.

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