Effect of ecological factors on germination of horse purslane (Trianthema portulacastrum)

A. Tanveer, K. Mumtaz, M. M. Javaid, M. N. Chaudhry, R. M. Balal, A. Khaliq

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Trianthema portulacastrum is a very problematic summer crop weed and a complete crop failure has been observed because of this weed at high density. The effect of different ecological factors on germination of T. portulacastrum seeds collected in two different years (2009 and 2005) was studied in laboratory experiments. An increase in temperature from 25 to 35 °C increased germination percentage of T. portulacastrum from 65 to 85%, after which germination started to decrease, reducing to 71.25% at 45 °C. Trianthema portulacastrum had maximum germination with distilled water compared with different salt solutions and drought stress levels. Germination was significantly minimum at salinity and drought stress level of 250 mM and-0.8 MPa, respectively. Emergence of T. portulacastrum was maximum (86.25%) at 100% field capacity level but decreased sharply as field capacity decreased thereafter, and minimum emergence (30%) was recorded at field capacity level of 25%. Germination of T. portulacastrum was lowest at pH 5 and any increase in pH resulted in increased germination. A pH range of 8 to 10 had statistically similar germination. Sowing depth of 6 cm reduced the emergence of T. portulacastrum to zero. Reduction in emergence was recorded with depth increase from zero to 5 cm. Maximum emergence was recorded from soil surface (0 cm). An increase in temperature, salinity, drought, sowing depth (up to 4 cm) and a decrease in field capacity increased time to start germination/emergence, time to 50% germination/emergence and mean germination/emergence time but decreased germination/emergence index. Seeds collected during 2009 gave higher germination than old seeds collected in 2005. This information might contribute to development of effective control of T. portulacastrum.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)587-597
Number of pages11
JournalPlanta Daninha
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2013
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  • Drought stress
  • Field capacity
  • Salt stress
  • Sowing depth
  • Temperature
  • pH

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