Aflatoxin B1 Contamination of Traditionally Processed Peanuts Butter for Human Consumption in Sudan

Sana Z.B. Elshafie, Abdullah ElMubarak, Saifeldin A.F. El-Nagerabi, Abdulkadir E. Elshafie

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A survey was carried out to detect the presence of aflatoxin B1 in 60 duplicated samples (120 samples) of peanuts butter purchased from the local markets and other traditionally prepared and distributed by the street sellers in Khartoum state, Sudan. AflaTest-P affinity column was used to extract the toxin from the samples, and the concentration was measured by calibrated Vicam fluorometer. Aflatoxin B1 was detected at variable levels in 100% of the screened samples. Traditionally prepared samples showed the highest incidence of aflatoxin B1 which is above the internationally regulated tolerance levels (5-20 ppb). The means and the ranges of the aflatoxin B1 recovered were as follows: 63.9 ppb (29-128 ppb), 54.5 ppb (21-131 ppb) and 101 ppb (17-170 ppb) for samples collected from Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman areas, respectively. Samples from retail stores presented relatively low aflatoxin B1 incidences 14.5 ppb (1-57 ppb), but only 30% of the samples revealed aflatoxin level below 10 ppb. Laboratory segregated and carefully prepared butter from good grade nuts showed the lowest levels of this toxin (3.3 ppb; 2-6 ppb). The results showed that peanuts butter prepared by the street sellers and distributed by the retail stores are evidently hazardous to human health. There is therefore urgent need for strong form of quality control measures and public awareness. The use of excellent grade peanuts and care during processing and storage are priority.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2011


  • Aflatoxin B
  • Aspergillus flavus
  • Mycotoxins
  • Peanuts
  • Sudan

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