Numerical Modelling of Tides and Waves along The Coast of Sultanate of Oman

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he coastal environment is probably the most dynamic among all sea domains. With increasing population, the pressure on the coasts becomes very relevant within the field of coastal engineering. In this regard, the development of a fundamental understanding of the dynamic behavior of the coastal system has been necessary.
Moreover, the effect of wave due to storms on coast of Oman is still poorly understood due to a lack of suitable field data. On the other hand, the intensity of the storms is increased in the last decades. A clear example for the destructive effects on the coast of Oman was the recent event of strong waves triggered by Cyclone Kyarr (November, 2019). It caused severe erosion and destruction along Al Batinah coast (See Photo1).
The integration of numerical models into the most general applications of hydroinformation systems provides an additional value to the output of these systems, giving the possibility of using them directly in the decision process. These systems include efficient data storage and retrieval facilities. Model results and field measurement data can be displayed with user friendly environments.
Therefore, this project is dealing with the field measurements that have been taken along the coast of Oman. The collected measurements have a great spatial and temporal distribution. But the Field measurements alone can only be used to understand the coastal processes that occurred in the past or those that are currently happening. These cannot be used to predict the possible conditions in the future. Therefore, it is necessary the implement numerical modelling as very useful tool for this kind of purpose.
A flow and wave model will be set-up using Deft3D, which is one of the world leader software. In the wave model, the influence of wind induced waves will be investigated on the basis of previous Measurements. Therefore, this project will bring a great benefit for the people are dealing with the coastal regions in different fields.

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Coastal processes, Field measurements, Numerical modelling, Tides, Waves, Delft3D
Short titleNumerical Modelling of Tides and Waves along The Coast of Sultanate of Oman
Effective start/end date1/1/2112/31/23


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