Marital Happiness: Studying of concept, measurement and factors among couples in Oman.

Project: Internal Grants (IG)

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The aim of this research is to examine marital happiness among couples in Omani society. It also aims to investigate the factors that might affect marital happiness. A specific questionnaire will be designed for the purpose of this study to measure marital happiness. The sample of the study will consist of 1000 Omani couples from all different regions in Oman. A convenience sampling approach will be used to choose the sample. It is hoped that this research will yield information and data that help understand marital happiness and factors that affect it among Omani couples. It is also anticipated that this study will provide a specific valid tool that measures marital happiness in Oman. This study has specific implications for marital counsellors and policy makers.
Effective start/end date2/1/222/1/24


  • Marital happiness
  • Omani Couples


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