Wind power potential in Oman

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Solar energy and wind are likely to play an important role in the future energy generation in Oman. This article assesses wind power cost per kWh of energy produced using four types of wind machines at 27 locations within Oman. These sites cover all regions in Oman. Hourly values of wind speed recorded between 2000 and 2009, in most cases, were used for all 27 locations. Wind duration curves were developed and utilized to calculate the cost per kWh of energy generated from four chosen wind machines. It was found that the cost of energy is low in the south and middle regions of Oman compared with that in the north region. The most promising sites for the economic harnessing of wind power are Thumrait, Qairoon Hairiti, Masirah, and Sur, with an energy cost of less than 0.117 US$/kWh when 2000 kW, 1500 kW, 850 kW, or 250 kW wind turbines are used.

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