Wind energy data analysis and resource mapping of Geba catchment, North Ethiopia

Mulu Bayray, Anwar Mustefa, Ftwi Yohannes, Hailay Kiros, Asfafaw Haileslasie, Petros Gebray, Mesele Hayelom, Addisu Dagne

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Wind energy potential in Ethiopia is estimated to be enormous due to local peculiar landscape situations. However, the country started to utilize the potential only very recently. One of the reasons for low utilization of wind energy in Ethiopia is the absence of reliable and accurate wind energy resource data. Development of reliable and accurate wind atlas helps to identify candidate sites for wind energy applications and facilitates the planning and implementation of wind energy projects. This paper presents wind energy data analysis and wind atlas of Geba catchment in North Ethiopia. The work reported in this paper is based on wind data collected over a period of one year from measuring masts in six different sites in Tigray, Ethiopia. The data was analyzed using various statistical software to evaluate the wind energy potential of the area. Average wind speed and power density, distribution of the wind prevailing direction, turbulence intensity and wind shear profile of each site were determined. Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Programme (WAsP) was used to generate the wind atlas of the area and to develop the wind speed and power density maps. The data analysis indicates that the average wind speed at 10 m above ground level (a.g.l.) varies from 3.7 m/s to 6.64 m/s. The mean power density at 10 m a.g.l varies from 64 W/m2 to 301 W/m2. The prevailing wind directions are East and South East directions. The wind resource map developed by WAsP at 50 m indicated that the catchment has good wind power potential having mean wind speed and power density of 6.5 m/s and 288 W/m2, respectively.

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