West syndrome: A university hospital based study from Oman

Roshan Koul*, Alexander Chacko, Elizabeth Cherian

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Forty-four children (20 male: 24 female) with West syndrome (infantile spasms, mental retardation/regression and hypsarrhythmia) diagnosed at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (Pediatric Neurology Division of the Department of Child Health) are reported, with thirty-four (77.3%) children constituting the symptomatic group. All children were followed up for an initial 1 year at this hospital. Thirty-seven cases (84%) still continue their follow-up with us. The age of onset ranged from 1 to 14 months (mean, 6.0 months). Developmental delay before the onset of infantile spasms was noted in 29 (65.9%) children. Brain computed tomography was abnormal in 29 (65.9%). Sodium valproate and vigabatrin were the most often used drugs, though other antiepileptic drugs were also used. Nine (24.5%) children achieved good seizure control, out of which five have normal development. Only one child could be weaned off antiepileptic drugs completely. There was one death in the whole series, related to aspiration pneumonia.

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