Weaving Literary Narratives: World Literature and its Glocal Moment. World literature and its glocal moment

Sandhya Mehta

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While glocalization has permeated widely into a range of disciplines including commerce, architecture and sociology, its relevance to literary studies has been less impactful, largely owing to recurring debates between globalization and national literature as well as the enduring focus on western literature. This chapter investigates the extent to which glocalization could be used as a literary tool and a critical strategy to unpack texts which could be more powerfully read when rooted in a geographically defined space while simultaneously glancing at concurrent global phenomena. Changing perceptions and definitions of world literature suggest a movement away from homogeneous Anglo-centric readings toward poetics which recognize local theories and practices while focusing on the interrelation of creative works from different parts of the world. The example of petrofiction shows how world literature could be framed in a way that emphasizes global currents viewed through local practices, challenging readers' critical perceptions and worldview while ensuring equity and representation.
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عنوان منشور المضيفHandbook of Culture and Glocalization
المحررونVictor Roudemetoff, Ugo Dessi
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