Voltage stability assessment of a microgrid

Yousuf Al Jabri, Nasser Hosseinzadeh, Rashid Al Abri, Amer Al Hinai

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Voltage stability analysis of a power system is a necessity, particularly in the planning phase of the development or expansion of a power network. The ultimate goal of this paper is to investigate the voltage stability of Musandam (an area in the Sultanate of Oman) micro-grid during the expansion of the network. A micro-grid is normally composed of relatively small-distributed generators supplying an islanded distribution network. Although a micro-grid may not be a complex interconnected power system similar to a transmission network, but it has some characteristics that makes it undergo stability problems when it is exposed to disturbances. In this paper, a study is being done to expand the power network of the area of Musandam. Since, this area is not connected to the main interconnected system of Oman, it operates as a microgrid. In order to perform the voltage stability analysis, modal analysis as well as PV and QV curves were evaluated based on load flow for selected scenarios. A MATLAB m-file has been developed to carry out the static voltage stability analysis. The dynamic voltage stability analysis has been performed by using time domain simulation with PSAT software.

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عنوان منشور المضيف2015 IEEE 8th GCC Conference and Exhibition, GCCCE 2015
ناشرInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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حالة النشرPublished - مارس 12 2015
الحدث2015 IEEE 8th GCC Conference and Exhibition, GCCCE 2015 - Muscat, Oman
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