Using screen-capture technology to authenticate IT online learning and assessment

Sameh S. Ismail, Shubair A. Abdullah

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Assessment has always been fundamental to teaching as it aims to gauge the impact of the teaching on students learning. The current assessment in teaching computer literacy is objective assessment that focuses on making it intentional, informative, and formalized. Although this assessment is the best way when assessing large groups of students at one limited time, it has a drawback of being limited to check the knowledge of understanding terminology and recalling steps of a particular process. This study introduces a screen-capture technology based approach to performative and authentic assessment. It involved design and implementation of screen-capture assignments to assess computer maintenance skills. The sample consisted of 28 students enrolled in computer hardware and software maintenance classes. Data from students was collected through a multi-modal student survey and a semi-structured interview. The results analysis has indicated that screen-capture performative assessment promotes students’ engagement and learning level of solving real-world problems.

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