Use of rapid infiltration technique for aquifer recharge with treated wastewater: Design of Souhil Wadi (Nabeul-Tunisia) pilot plant

Hamadi Kallali*, Mitsuo Yoshida, Salah Jellali, Abdennaceur Hassen, Naceur Jedidi

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The intensive tourist activities, the over exploitation of coastal aquifers and the demographic increase, are numerous factors which induce pronounced saline intrusion in coastal aquifers. An integrated water management including wastewater reuse became a necessity to assure sustainable development. The main challenge is to reach the zero discharge of the wastewater treated in order to provide the farmers with sufficient water and avoid coastal water pollution. In Tunisia, the artificial recharge of groundwater with treated wastewater is gaining wide acceptance as a simple and low cost technique to replenish over-drafted aquifers.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2006
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الحدث1st Zer0-M Conference on Sustainable Water Management - Istanbul, Turkey
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Conference1st Zer0-M Conference on Sustainable Water Management

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