University Students’ Motivation for Home-based Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Sex and Age Differences

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Home-based exercise has become the most viable choice to maintain health during the prolonged stay-at-home precautions in response to the rapidly growing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding motivation is the key to initiate and sustain adherence to exercise behaviour. The purpose of this study was to (a) examine motivation for home-based exercise during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period and (b) whether sex and age differences play a role in motivation. University students (N = 378, M age = 21.66 yrs) completed an online version of the Exercise Motivation Inventory-2 (EMI-2). Results indicated that the top motive for home-based exercise was positive health, while the least important motive was social recognition for all participants. Males were motivated more by strength/endurance, challenge, competition, social recognition, and health pressures, than females. Students 20 years old and over were motivated more by ill-health avoidance, appearance, and agility than those younger than 20 years old. The findings underscore the important motives based on sex and age which influenced students to engage in home-based exercise during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.
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