Understanding of Creativity within Graphic Design Context in Middle-East.

Salman Alhajri, Badar Almamari, Wissem Abdelmoula

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Creativity has long been a debatable topic among researchers and scholars alike. The present research aimed to study the element of ‘Creativity in the context of Graphic Design in the Middle East’. The study comprised of three broad realms i.e. creativity, graphic designs and the relationship between the two. Creativity in graphic design is often regarded as a problem solving feature. The concept of creativity varies from culture to culture. Most graphic designers involve themselves effectively in solving social, communication and cultural issues. In order to adequately explore the topic; a qualitative research design was used. The results of the study clearly indicate that creativity in the context of graphic design has not been given much importance in the Middle East. Most educators believe that creativity can be taught to students. However, some believed that it is an inborn characteristic and cannot be induced by instruction alone.
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عنوان منشور المضيف The 1st Annual Conference (Takween)
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حالة النشرPublished - 2016

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