Undergraduate student nurses’ knowledge of evidence-based practice: A short online survey

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Background: Various approaches and frameworks have been designed and tested to increase the uptake of research findings into practice. One approach is to base healthcare providers’ practices on the best available research evidence rather than on expired policy or tradition. For which knowledge of evidence-based practice (EBP) principles is a prerequisite. Objective: The purpose of the current inquiry is to evaluate Jordanian nursing students’ knowledge of EBP. Design: This study was an on-line cross-sectional survey. Settings: We targeted students in two universities in the north and one in the capital city of Amman. Participants: The target population was Jordanian student nurses, and the sample consisted of 316 from the nursing schools within three government universities. Methods: The EBP knowledge test was used to collect data from students. It was adapted from the EBP Knowledge, Attitudes, Access & Confidence Evaluation. Ethical approval was obtained from the principal investigator's university before the questionnaire was uploaded on to the free online survey website. The link to the survey was established and shared on Facebook. Results: Just over half of the participating students were male (51.9%) and the average age was 21.6 years (SD 2.7). The mean total knowledge score as measured by the EBP knowledge test was low at 1.9 (SD 1.4) out of 10. Conclusions: An evaluation of EBP-related content in nursing schools’ curricula is needed in order to design and test the effectiveness of implementing an EBP course in improving knowledge and skills. Critical appraisal and evidence synthesis skills should be honed as they are seen to be very weak, with much room for improvement. Meanwhile, research courses could be the mainstay for a nursing faculty to introduce the EBP approach for undergraduate nurses.

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