Undergraduate nursing students' knowledge of and attitudes toward people with alzheimer's disease

Ma'en Aljezawi, Mohammad Al Qadire, Mohammad Suliman, Omar Al Omari, Atika Khalaf

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As the population ages, the number of people living with Alzheimer's disease is expected to grow; consequently, nursing students are expected to care for more people with Alzheimer's disease in their future careers. Exploring nursing students' level of knowledge and attitudes is essential here to fill any knowledge gap and enhance attitudes. For this reason, the current study aimed to measure the knowledge of and attitudes toward people living with Alzheimer's disease among undergraduate Jordanian nursing students. A descriptive cross-sectional design was utilized. Data were collected through an online questionnaire consisting of the Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale (ADKS) and Dementia Attitudes Scale (DAS). A third part contained questions about previous formal education about Alzheimer's disease, reading Alzheimer's research, and the need for formal education about Alzheimer's disease. The study targeted all undergraduate Jordanian nursing students. A total of 275 students agreed to participate and completed the questionnaire. Jordanian nursing students had low knowledge regarding people living with Alzheimer's disease, with a mean ADKS score of 18.3 out of 30; however, their attitudes were positive, with a mean DAS score of 91 out of 140. There was no statistical difference in attitude or knowledge between different academic levels. The majority of students (90.5%) expressed their desire to have a formal education regarding Alzheimer's disease. Knowledge regarding people with Alzheimer's disease could be improved through training and education. Positive attitudes reported by students could augment the learning process.

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