Transfusion knowledge of medical and surgical specialty board residents: a cohort study

Arwa Al Riyami*, I. Al-Nomani, S. M. Panchatcharam, L. Wadsworth, Murtadha Al-Khabori, Khalil AL-Farsi, H. Al-Sabti

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Objectives: This study was conducted to assess transfusion knowledge between different specialty board residents and to identify areas of need for further education. Background: Physicians' knowledge of transfusion medicine (TM) is critical for patients' safety. Many clinicians who are involved in day-to-day transfusion practice have little or no formal training in TM. There are no studies to assess physician's TM knowledge locally. Methods: A comprehensive anonymous survey was developed to assess baseline TM knowledge of all the residents. The survey is composed of different sections, including a questionnaire on resident's demographics, resident's self-reflection on their TM knowledge and 30 multiple choice questions addressing basic and clinical TM knowledge in two major domains: component selection and transfusion practice and transfusion safety and transfusion reactions. Finally, the residents' opinion on educational needs was assessed. Results: A total of 130 residents were surveyed. The lowest score obtained among the two major domains assessed was in the transfusion safety and transfusion reaction domain, with a mean score of 4·34 of 15 (SD ± 3·27). The mean score obtained on component selection and transfusion practice was 7·1 of 15 (SD ± 3·74). A substantial proportion of the residents (74·7%) admitted minimal baseline knowledge in the field of TM. Finally, 94·5% of the residents admitted the need for more education during residency, whereas 49·5% thought additional education is required during the first year of practice. Conclusion: This survey shows serious TM knowledge deficiency and indicates the need for additional education among all physicians during training.

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دوريةTransfusion Medicine
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حالة النشرAccepted/In press - يناير 1 2018

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