To what extent dose Physical Education Training Programme in Oman comply with Islamic rules or culture?

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The purpose of this paper is to address the concern that despite several
developments and initiatives in Oman’s Physical Education Teacher
Programme (PETP) over recent years, female students have been little
engaged with it since they doubt its ability to meet Islamic and Omani
cultural requirements.
The paper focuses on how the PETP contributes to this lack of engagement
among women by exploring the level to which the training does in fact
comply with Islamic rules and Omani culture. It also highlights how the
PETP could bring positive changes to the lives of female students, and it
considers ways in which it could contribute to developing respect in line
with Islamic rules and the culture in Oman. Two main issues are identified
as relevant for trainee PE teachers: compliance with Islamic rules and the
prevailing Omani culture, and the opportunity to make positive changes to
the lives of female students. Evidence suggests that the cultural aspect is
more problematic since the Arab culture as it exists in Oman is stronger in
some regions than others.
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حالة النشرPublished - 2022


  • Physical Education, Muslim Women, Islamic rules, Omani culture, Positive changes, Social position

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