To Explore the Relevance of the Physical Education University Programme to the Needs of Women Teachers in Oman through an Evaluation of Current Practice: Research Approach in an Evaluation Study

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The aim of the study is to explore the relevance of the Physical EducationUniversity programme to the needs of women teachers in Oman through an evaluation of current practice. This study revisited studies and literature done by the author in the same area and emphasis will be placed on contextualising the programme and currently in terms of the overall educational goals of the Sultanate and the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) as: Al Sinani (2013); Benn, & Jawad, Al-Sinani.(2014); Al-Sinani & Benn (2010); SQU 1992. The evaluation will focus on the studies were investigated the perceptions of key stakeholders: University staff and students, practising teachers, pupils and inspectors. It will aim to identify Research Approach in an Evaluation Study. It is anticipated that recommendations will emerge that could improve the relationship of the University programme with the reality of the profession in the schools of Oman. It is also anticipated that the study will make a theoretical contribution to understanding of gender, Islam and physical education.
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دوريةInternational Journal of Development Research
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  • Research Approach; Physical Education; Evaluation Study

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