The Role of Omani Women's Associations in Preserving Women's Creative Industries

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The government of the Sultanate of Oman has been keen to preserve the entity of Omani women and their families through stability and cohesion in the light of the changes in life, whether it was material stability or moral stability. Since the establishment of the first branch of the Omani Women’s Association in 1972 AD to its wide spread to cover all regions of the Sultanate; these associations effectively contributed to the inclusion of Omani women socially, economically and culturally. In addition, the direct care of women by the government during the lifetime of the blessed Renaissance also contributed to empowering women in the three aspects and overcoming the basic challenges that were facing women during the early years of the blessed Renaissance. One of the most important goals of women’s associations is the interest in small projects and the creative industries of Omani women, as the creative industries have an important and influential role in the economic development and raising the national and family income, as it opens new marketing horizons for the individual and helps them develop creative thoughts. The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries that is rich in traditional industries which can be creative industries but due to the rapid technological progress, these traditional crafts have become neglected. Therefore, it has become necessary to seek new non-traditional solutions in order to preserve traditional crafts and industries that help craft women raise the level of skill, innovation and art, in order to preserve the crafts.
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