The Role of Artificial Intelligence Abilities in Library Services

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Artificial intelligence applications are one of the most important modern technologies that have emerged in recent times, which have shaped a major change in the functions of institutions, especially the scope of libraries and information. This study was described the role of Artificial Intelligence Applications of knowledge management in different information organizations, as well as to identify the reality of employing artificial intelligence applications in libraries to enrich the Knowledge Management, exposing the relationship between artificial intelligence applications and its ability to develop technical and administrative processes in libraries of Knowledge Management and Knowing the challenges facing the libraries to apply the artificial intelligence applications.

The research is based on descriptive method by content analysis of literature review by listing the most important and related published Arabic and foreign literature it was token the studies that are focused in Artificial Intelligence Applications of knowledge management in information organizations.

The study conclude that the most important results of which are: There are a lot of libraries that apply artificial intelligence technology in their services, whether technical in the provision of services, references and others, which undoubtedly facilitated the ease of retrieval and search for the users, the available studies discussed various aspects of the reality that this new application plays in facilitating library services, and most studies agree on that to facilitate services and their quality intelligence and the application of artificial intelligence requires the availability of a set of basic ingredients and requirements, such as strong technical equipment, and qualified human resources capable of using and developing this technology. The study recommended the necessity for libraries and information centers to strive to keep pace with the changes of artificial intelligence and to make the right investment for knowledge management, increasing field studies to explore the requirements of artificial intelligence technologies and diversity in the services provided by artificial intelligence in the library and activating them effectively.
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حالة النشرPublished - يونيو 29 2022

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