The portrayal of persons with disabilities in Arabic drama: A Literature Review

Suhail Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Zoubi

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Background: The media plays a vital role in addressing the issues of society through audiovisual means that contribute to the transmission of media messages. Drama contributes to implement positive values or negative attitudes in people's minds towards various societal issues. The negative stereotypes shaped by drama about persons with disabilities (PWDs) have attracted the attention of the researchers. Therefore, Arabic drama is required to present a true portrait of PWDs that reflects their reality without exaggeration or discrimination. It is also required to re-correct the stereotyped image that has been formed in society towards PWDs. Aims: This literature research was conducted to review and analyze research and theses that presented PWDs in Arabic drama. The research sought to reveal the stereotypical behavior of PWDs in Arabic drama, categories of disability, and drama genres that presented PWDs. Methods and procedures: This research included 17 peer-reviewed research and thesis obtained from Arab and international databases from 2002 to 2022. The content analysis card was used to achieve the aims of this research. Outcomes and results: The findings of the literature review indicated that the majority of Arab dramas presented negative stereotypes of PWDs. The results also showed that intellectual disability, visual impairment, and physical disabilities were the most dominant in Arabic movies and television series. Conclusions and implications: Arabic drama and media were unable to present accurate representations of PWDs. They appeared in a distorted and satirical way in movies and television series. Perhaps, these negative stereotypes emerged from the prevailing popular cultures in the Arab countries that produce these movies and series. It is thus necessary to remove these stereotypes expressed in drama to enhance awareness and societal inclusion in the Arab culture and countries.

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