The photovoltaic effect in a platinum poly-yne

A. Köhler*, H. F. Wittmann, R. H. Friend, M. S. Khan, J. Lewis

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We have carried out measurements of the photovoltaic effect in a platinum-containing poly-yne. A photocell was fabricated with the platinum poly-yne sandwiched between indium-tin oxide (ITO) and aluminium electrodes. A strong photoresponse was seen at the threshold of the singlet exciton absorption near 3.2 eV, with a quantum yield for carrier generation of up to 0.6%. This is comparable to that found in similar devices made with poly(phenylenevinylene) (PPV). It is known that the presence of the platinum atom gives very efficient crossover from singlet to triplet exciton, and we discuss here the effect of triplet excitons on the photogeneration of charge carriers. We also analyse the spectral response of the photocurrent in terms of charge carrier ranges.

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