The moodle application constraints among students in social work at Sultan Qaboos University

Emad Farouk Mohamed Saleh*

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The problem of this research focuses on the identification of the Constraints that constrain Social Work Students in using Moodle Application, and how to utilize it in social work education. The research is descriptive in approach, and depended on the social survey method for data collection from a sample of 63 social work students. Data collection has been carried out by using special Scale which designed to measure students' dispositions, attitudes, Constraints toward Moodle application and Constraints of its use and utilization. Also the research depended on Focus Group Discussion as an additional tool for collecting data from two students groups. Among the most important results of the research is that the percentage strength of the dimensions of the scale came as follows: students' dispositions for the use of Moodle, its knowledge and actual use, and finally, the relational strength of students attitudes about Moodle. Also the results showed a high degree of the relative strength of the Constraints dimension. Then the most important recommendations is the positive handling of these constraints and assigning more attention to them. Moreover, Social Work Academics should encouraged to offer their electronic courses regularly and systematically and to encourage their students to take advantage of E-learning applications which may reflect positively on developing methods of Social Work Education.

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عنوان منشور المضيفProceedings - 2015 5th International Conference on e-Learning, ECONF 2015
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حالة النشرPublished - مايو 24 2016
الحدث5th International Conference on e-Learning, ECONF 2015 - Manama, Bahrain
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Other5th International Conference on e-Learning, ECONF 2015

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