The miracle of legislation in The Holy Quran: الإعجاز التشريعي في القرآن الكريم

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The miracle of legislation is one of significant aspect of the Quranic miracles especially during nowadays where establishing the legislation that organize the human life has reached an advance stage. The Holy Quran is the eternal miracle of Allah to all mankind. It has the persuasive evidence showing which signals that this holy book is from Allah and it is for all mankind. Thus, it is a rhetorical miracle along with all the containing sciences and principles. This research entitled (The miracle of legislation in The Holy Quran) aims to highlight the miracle aspects in the Holy Quran specifically in the legislation aspect, clarifying the features of legislation miracles. The study reached the most important results: The legislative miracle is one of the types of miracles in the Noble Qur’an, especially in this era, which has reached an advanced stage in the development of legislations that regulate human life. , And what he needs in his life. Also, the legislation of the Qur'an is consistent with all creatures of the universe, because it was issued by the Knower with these creatures
اللغة الأصليةArabic
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دوريةقرآنيكا، مجلة عالمية لبحوث القرآن
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حالة النشرPublished - 2021

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