The Internationalization of an Arab bank: The case of Ahli United Bank of Bahrain

Golam Mostafa Khan*, Lyn S. Amine, Syed Jamal Uddin, Monir Zaman

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Ahli United Bank of Bahrain (AUB) has "leapfrogged" over early stages of internationalization by means of multiple rapid acquisitions of competitors. Use of this high-cost, high-risk strategy is well known among companies with the resources to invest in international expansion, but its application has not yet been studied in depth among companies based in the Middle East. This theory-driven case study examines the growth record of AUB, its place in the regional banking industry in the Gulf, and its successful internationalization as an Arab bank. The article concludes with a detailed assessment of managerial and theoretical implications arising from the case study, and proposes further research to understand better the process of internationalization by companies expanding from a base in the Middle East.

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