The Impact of Covid-19 on Parents of Children with Disability: Educational Needs and Challenges. Educational Needs and Challenges

Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti, Rababah, Khlaifat, Abdelfattah, Busaad, Awamleh

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During the Corona pandemic, parents of children with disabilities experienced
unprecedented situations. The aim of this study was to identify the educational
needs and challenges which prevented parents from providing adequate support to
their children during the outbreak. An online survey was launched on June 4, 2020,
to gather information from 638 parents of children with disabilities. The findings
revealed that 60% of parents need assistance in implementing Individual Education
Program activities. Similarly, 71.7% of parents reported that the centers had only
spent less than one-hour on-line per day educating the children. Significant
challenges emerge as a result of parents’ inability to cope with the load and their
loss of hope in helping children, which varies depending on the severity of the
condition, with severe disabilities posing the greatest challenge. According to the
study, special education centers should follow defined protocols that focus on
parents' educational needs, as well as establish proactive approaches for providing
support to parents of children who require special care.
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