The effect of treatment with gum Arabic on gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats: A preliminary study

B. H. Ali*, A. A. Al-Qarawi, E. M. Haroun, H. M. Mousa

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In the present work we assessed the effect of treatment of rats with gum Arabic on acute renal failure induced by gentamicin (GM) nephrotoxicity. Rats were treated with the vehicle (2 mL/kg of distilled water and 5% w/v cellulose, 10 days), gum Arabic (2 mL/kg of a 10% w/v aqueous suspension of gum Arabic powder, orally for 10 days), or gum Arabic concomitantly with GM (80 mg/kg/day intramuscularly, during the last six days of the treatment period). Nephrotoxicity was assessed by measuring the concentrations of creatinine and urea in the plasma and reduced glutathione (GSH) in the kidney cortex, and by light microscopic examination of kidney sections. The results indicated that concomitant treatment with gum Arabic and GM significantly increased creatinine and urea by about 183 and 239%, respectively (compared to 432 and 346%, respectively, in rats treated with cellulose and GM), and decreased that of cortical GSH by 21% (compared to 27% in the cellulose plus GM group) The GM-induced proximal tubular necrosis appeared to be slightly less severe in rats given GM together with gum Arabic than in those given GM and cellulose. It could be inferred that gum Arabic treatment has induced a modest amelioration of some of the histological and biochemical indices of GM nephrotoxicity. Further work is warranted on the effect of the treatments on renal functional aspects in models of chronic renal failure, and on the mechanism(s) involved.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2003

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