The effect of Piper betel extract on the wound healing process in experimentally induced diabetic rats

E. C. Keat, S. S. Razak, N. M. Fadil, F. M. Yusof, L. H. Chah, F. K. Chyi, S. L. Teoh, Srijit Das*, A. A. Latiff, M. Mazlan

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Background. Piper betel (PB) possesses antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and wound healing properties due to its powerful antioxidant effect. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder which is associated with complications like impaired wound healing, nephropathy and neuropathy. The main aim of the study was to study the wound healing properties of PB. Materials and Methods. A total of 33 male Sprague-Dawley rats (250-300g) were taken and divided into 3 groups:- Group I (control) comprising of 14 rats; Group II (diabetic untreated) comprising of 9 rats; Group III (diabetic treated) comprising of 10 rats. After 10 days of acclimatization, the animals were fasted overnight and diabetes was induced by administration of streptozotocin (45 mg/Kg body weight in a single dose, through tail vein) to group II and III animals. Four 6 mm-diameter full thickness skin excision wounds were created and PB extract (50 mg diluted in 0.1 ml of normal saline) was applied locally for 10 days in group III. The group I and II received normal saline (0.1 ml) for 10 days. The total protein content and the wound contraction rate were determined. Results. The wound contraction rate of group III (35.03 ± 2.96) was higher as compared to group II (18.40 ± 3.87) with p = 0.014. The total protein content for group III was 106.39 ± 4.46 as compared to group II (72.86 ± 12.86) with p = 0.050. Conclusion. PB acted as a protective agent in the early phase of wound healing by increasing total protein content and wound contraction rate.

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