The Effect of Lockdown on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Prevention in Jordan: A Data-Driven Analysis

Hussam N. Fakhouri*, Faten Hamad, Raja Masadeh, Sandi N. Fakhouri, Amal Akour, Tamara Al-Daghastani

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COVID-19 appears in Wuhan in December 2019 and spread all around the world including Jordan. Jordan set successful example in dealing with covid-19 crisis, with its low number of deaths, increased recovery cases and decreased cases of infections in comparison with Middle East and surrounding countries. It succeeded in eliminating the virus outbreak throughout the Kingdom in record time. This paper first describes the stages of Jordan’s handling of the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) and how the pandemic controlling has been impacted by governmental and medical efforts, common cooperation, between all organizations in Jordan. Then it studies the effect of lockdown on coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak prevention in Jordan and provides a data-driven analysis. After that, it proposes a lockdown model to prevent the spread of the virus).

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الاسمStudies in Systems, Decision and Control
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