The biology of snakehead, Channa obscura (Gunther), in a Nigerian pond under monoculture

Reginald Victor*, Benedicta O. Akpocha

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Some aspects of the biology of Channa obscura (Gunther) based on small samples under monoculture are presented and discussed. The length-weight relationship indicated positive allometric growth. The mean somatic condition (K′) was inversely related to standard length. The high percentage (75%) of empty stomachs and mean stomach fullness ranks showed poor feeding conditions. The fish feed provided was unsuitable; the fish depended on natural food items and exhibited cannibalism. The male-female ratio was 1:3. The fish were reproducing under culture conditions; the biphasic pattern of reproduction was seasonal. The fecundity was low, ranging from 35 to 4010 eggs; it was correlated neither to standard length nor body weight.

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