Teaching reading in the early years: Exploring home and kindergarten relationships

Ibrahim A. Al-Momani, Fathi M. Ihmeideh, Abdallah M.Abu Naba'h

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This study investigated the relationship between home and kindergarten with regard to helping children with reading in Jordan. Interviews with parents of four- to five-year-old kindergarten students (n = 40) and their teachers (n = 20) were conducted. Results indicated that, although there was cooperation between parents and teachers, the role of teachers in encouraging parental involvement in their children's reading was quite limited. Results also indicated that teachers consider parental involvement as unhelpful since (1) they look at parents as unqualified persons to take a role in teaching reading, and (2) parents usually pressure teachers to employ inappropriate methods to teach children how to read. However, parents expressed their willingness to be involved when teachers give them the opportunity. Most parents think they need to know the appropriate methods to teach children how to read. This study identified the need for educating parents about kindergarten goals and appropriate activities.

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