Teaching Medical and Health Sciences students to develop e-posters with Learning Toolbox

Ken Masters, Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Raymond Elferink

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Introduction: In the 21st Century, medical personnel require electronic and written communication skills in order to communicate with colleagues and patients. These specific skills are seldom taught, as communication skills' teaching and assessment currently emphasises face-to-face, verbal communications. This study aims at teaching some skills required for electronic communication, and evaluating the process. Methodology: We used a specific platform to teach 188 medical and health sciences students, working in groups, to develop e-posters that run as mobile apps, and evaluated the process in terms of resource demands, students' experience (through an online survey), and e-poster quality. Results: From 188 students, a total of 144 students submitted 30 accessible e-posters, and 71 students participated in the survey. The resource demand was equivalent to resource demand for teaching paper poster design and creation. Despite technical problems not related to the platform, the students...

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حالة النشرPublished - 2018


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